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Cooperation, in the framework of agreements between the Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Geography of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, has a long tradition. In recent years, such cooperation took place within the protocol between the academies of both countries. In years 2001-2006, the main theme of cooperation was the socio-geographical aspect of shaping new regional structures in Poland and Slovakia. In the period 2007-2009, the theme of this cooperation was local and regional development in Central Europe - problems of socio-economic activation. Many organized scientific seminars included the results of the cooperation (in 2001, 2004, 2008 in Slovakia, and in 2002, 2006, 2007 in Poland). These scientific seminars were the result of the work published in Slovak and Polish geographical journals (in total more than 50 scientific publications).

During numerous field sessions there was an exchange of both experience and problems. Participants had the opportunity to participate in city and county meetings in Poland and Slovakia (including Polanczyk, Banská Štiavnica, Poprad, Piaseczno, Ustka).

The effect of co-operation is also seen in the wide participation of members of both Institutions. Participation took place in the developing of plans, and strategies of development in their individual countries, using the experience of a neighboring country (Including: The National Spatial Development Concept 2008-2013 – work about the conditions for the development of the Polish settled areas in Slovakia and the National strategic reference frame for 2007-2013, Bratislava, 2006). Cooperation between institutes brings not only scientific results but contributes to the transfer of information and experience into a practical sphere, related to planning and spatial planning and also regional development.